Private group tours developed specifically to meet your requirements, both thematically and logistically, from half-day  to a several day trip. Before your custom tour, we will carefully research and organize with specific resources and open possibilities to meet your request. 

Everything is possible: interior visits, visits to private homes and architectural offices, lectures by local architects or local authorities, visits to enterprises of the construction sector, special activities and meetings as well as all kinds of additional services and bookings. Just let us know your wishes!


Thematic tours are private group tours focused on specific architectural subjects. They can take place in a single destination or cover various cities and last from half-day to several days.

Tours focused on specific building materials (stone, wood, etc), certain building typologies (new housing complexes, schools, museums, universities, etc), refurbishments, works by an specific architect, landscaping projects (Gardens, Parks, rural areas) or may be focused on a particular thread as for example the Camino de Santiago.


Guided architecture tours for private groups with fixed programme. Each tour is a deep insight into a city or area and presents all the architectural highlights within their urban context.

All the tours are organised in such a way as to make maximum use of time, allowing a contextualized insight of all the sites visited, including historic and contemporary buildings and some interior visits. There are half-day (4 hours) and one day (8 hours) tours, that can be combined if you wish to enjoy a several day program me.  We invite you to have an overview to the programmes of each tour. Have a look at our suggestions!

University of Vigo

Ready-to-book Tour // 3

The monumental façade: panoramic view from the Alameda towards the old town of Santiago de Compostela

Santiago: from the origin to the contemporary renovation

Ready-to-book Tour // 1

SGAE headquarters in Vistalegre Gardens in Santiago de Compostela by Ensamble Studio. Architect Antón García Abril. Contemporary Architecture in Santiago, Galicia.

Santiago: beyond the city limits

Ready-to-book Tour // 2

Our guided tours of architecture are suitable for groups interested in architecture, urbanism or landscaping: architecture firms, project developers, producers of building products, municipalities, universities, tour operators, incentive agencies, arts associations,  press delegations, cultural travelers, etc.

Our approach to architecture tours

We do like to work as architects in Galicia and that is what we want to share with our visitors. We think that the best way to show you Galicia from an architectural point of view is from the very heart of it, so we use our particular professional experience as architects and our constant contact with other local professionals from the construction sector to feed our architecture tours. We offer an up-to-date and first-hand architectural, urban and cultural information about the city.

Apart from being from Galicia and living here, we do an extensive research so we can present each issue in its accurate historical and socioeconomic background. We carefully select the projects that we include in our programmes trying to give a global vision, so you can form your own opinion about our architectural and urban panorama.

Facts and services

Architecture tours guided by local architects

Tours for groups

Tours are available in Spanish and English. Further languages  available upon request.

Transport depends on the programme, some are by foot, other needs buses, cabs or public transport

Fluent pre-tour communication

Professional and detailed programme that responds to your request