Thousands of pilgrims walk kilometres to arrive further than the end: Finisterre.

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Santiago de Compostela

That is why we are the way's end

Thousands of kilometres of coastline define countless types of sea limits.

A great diversity of heritage located in unbeatable locations


a custom tour tailored only for you by a local architect

New projects by internationally recognized and local architects.

New homes create new ways of inhabitating Galician heritage.

New cultural buildings in the heart of historic towns as the Museum of Pilgrimage by the architect Manuel Gallego Jorreto in Plaza de Platerías in Santiago de Compostela.

The atlantic coast is the most populated area, however between the hundreds of villages, sandy beaches offer an extensive variety of landscapes.

Inhabiting the sea

1.600 km of stunning coastline, almost the fifth part of the Spanish total, are located in Galicia. This region is the major Atlantic façade of Spain, with a very particular fjord-like coastline with inlets and protrusions known locally as “rías”. These “rías” are deep blue estuaries where rivers reach the sea, creating an space where fresh and salt water blend. The inlets’s forested hills offer protection from the rough ocean, and therefore became the perfect location for plenty of seaside villages where a vast sea’s culture and economy was developed as the prime economic source for the local population.

Due to the not very warm climate and apart from a few counted exceptions, hundreds of unspoilt sanded beaches, and even those nearby little towns, have manage to get out of the real state bubble that hit the Spanish Mediterranean.
Lighthouses, former industrial premises, fishing ports, coastal towns and contemporary refurbishments of this variated heritage form a built story thread that provides an insight of our endless coastline.

  • ASK US FOR A CUSTOM OR THEMATIC TOUR. Some ideas: Maritime Infrastructures, stone Architecture, refurbishments, Landscape projects and strategies, traditional settlements, Industrial Heritage, holiday houses, museums, cultural heritage, etc
Malpica, Galicia-contemporary renovation of the fishing port by CreusCarrasco Architects