Thousands of pilgrims walk kilometres to arrive further than the end: Finisterre.

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Santiago de Compostela

That is why we are the way's end

Thousands of kilometres of coastline define countless types of sea limits.

A great diversity of heritage located in unbeatable locations


a custom tour tailored only for you by a local architect

New projects by internationally recognized and local architects.

New homes create new ways of inhabitating Galician heritage.

New cultural buildings in the heart of historic towns as the Museum of Pilgrimage by the architect Manuel Gallego Jorreto in Plaza de Platerías in Santiago de Compostela.

The atlantic coast is the most populated area, however between the hundreds of villages, sandy beaches offer an extensive variety of landscapes.

The contemporary architectural retreat

Corrubedo is a seaside town where the last decades’ development has not altered is essence of fishing village. In a stroll through its streets we can understand the way locals lived before the industrial development reached this region and in their sandy beaches there remain several marks of its fishing economy. The town is located in the end of a high value natural area, listed as protected area due to the large dunes, rich lagoons and huge beaches.

However these are not the unique reasons that have marked this town within the international architectural map. What attracts architects here is that fellow renowned architects have chosen this town for their holiday homes. Some Galician architects, as Manuel Gallego Jorreto, designed and built their homes in the environs of the National Park of Dunas de Corrubedo and Lagunas de Carregal. Other non Galician architects felt also this attraction, such is the case of David Chipperfield who with his houses’s project in the heart of the village gave a twist to its sea façade.

  • CUSTOM AND THEMATIC TOURS: landscaping strategies,regeneration of urban spaces, refurbishment, stone architecture, industrial heritage, traditional settlements, etc.