Thousands of pilgrims walk kilometres to arrive further than the end: Finisterre.

Walk around with the eyes of an architect

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Santiago de Compostela

That is why we are the way's end

Thousands of kilometres of coastline define countless types of sea limits.

A great diversity of heritage located in unbeatable locations


a custom tour tailored only for you by a local architect

New projects by internationally recognized and local architects.

New homes create new ways of inhabitating Galician heritage.

New cultural buildings in the heart of historic towns as the Museum of Pilgrimage by the architect Manuel Gallego Jorreto in Plaza de Platerías in Santiago de Compostela.

The atlantic coast is the most populated area, however between the hundreds of villages, sandy beaches offer an extensive variety of landscapes.

Welcome! This is Galicia
Galicia is the western corner of Spain. Corners are always areas of encounters of different realities . Galicia is green, is full of mountains and faces a rough sea and a varying climate. All this diversity can be found in its architecture. While for many decades Galicia was not following the construction development of the rest of Spain, last ones meant an updating: from extensive new cultural projects to detailed refurbishments. In addition a wide range of regeneration strategies are being developed in order to revitalize historic towns, to reorganize city sectors with problems coming from its accelerated growth and to face the current socials challenges.
This is the introductory section of Galicia: below you can find what to see and where to find interesting architecture, how to travel here, thoughts from our community as well as a global non-architectonic review of some key facts about Galicia.
From towns, to remote countryside locations, architecture that worth’s a visit is spread all around Galicia. Here we have featured a selection of  special locations. We hope you get inspired! Of course there is more to visit, if you already know what do you want to visit and it is not here please contact us and we will happily start working on a custom tour for your group.

Camino de Santiago

Contemporary revitalization of a historic route

Popular Architecture

Construction and Lansdcape

A Coruña

Between sea fronts

Galician Coastline

Inhabiting the sea

Holiday home in Corrubedo designed by the architect Gallego Jorreto.


The contemporary architectural retreat


Architectures within and end

Seafront of Vigo: fishing port and urban development of the largest city in Galicia.


A dramatic city

Architecture tours in Santiago de Compostela.

Santiago de Compostela

This is why we are the way's end

How to arrive to Galicia

By plane // Santiago de Compostela, Vigo and A Coruña airports offer international flights from different european cities as well as daily connexions with other Spanish cities. If no direct flight is available, you can reach Galicia via Madrid-Barajas or Barcelona-El Prat. The previous links go to the Aena website to have an updated and detailed  list of all the destinations and companies operating in each airport.

  • Amsterdam (Vueling)
  • Basel (Easy Jet)
  • Berlin (Vueling)
  • Brussels (Vueling)
  • Dublin  (Aer Lingus, march 29th – august 26th)
  • Dusseldorf (Vueling)
  • Frankfurt Hahn (Ryanair)
  • Geneve (Easy Jet)
  • Istambul  (Turkish Airlines)
  • London (Vueling /Ryanair)
  • Milano-Bergamo (Ryanair, april-october)
  • Munich (Vueling)
  •  Paris (Vueling)
  •  Rome (Vueling/ Easy Jet)
  •  Zurich (Swiss Air/ Vueling)

Paris (Air France)

London (Vueling)

By train // Please visit renfe website to check all the connections with Spain and Portugal.

Information updated on February 2015

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