Santiago de Compostela

That is why we are the way's end


a custom tour tailored only for you by a local architect


About Galicia

  • Some clues: Stone, greenery and ocean dominate our landscapes; our cities enjoy a vibrant creative life that blends myth-based folk culture with modernity; contemporary buildings dialogue with our haunting heritage…
  • One advice: look around and don’t forget to feel, smell, touch and listen.
  • One idea: discover Galicia trough its architecture

An insider’s view

We develop our professional activity as architects in Galicia. Our experience means a deep knowledge of the local architecture as well as an extensive network of contacts within the construction and urban sectors. Our approach to architecture tours is based on sharing our first-hand experience, opening the most interesting spaces, from private homes to ongoing building sites, and presenting all the key information in an enjoyable manner.

We are the Local Members of Guiding Architects

Guiding Architects is the international network for high-quality architecture tours. All members are independent companies who offer professional architecture tours guided by local architects. GA Santiago is the local member in Galicia. In 2015 over 29.000 architecture enthusiasts joined 1.625 tours offered by GA members across 47 locations worldwide.

Some interesting architecture is hiding in here

The monumental façade: panoramic view from the Alameda towards the old town of Santiago de Compostela

La ciudad de Santiago: del origen a la renovación contemporánea.

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University of Vigo

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The monumental façade: panoramic view from the Alameda towards the old town of Santiago de Compostela

Santiago: from the origin to the contemporary renovation

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galician coast architecture

Galician Coastline

Inhabiting the sea

Holiday home in Corrubedo designed by the architect Gallego Jorreto.


The contemporary architectural retreat

Seafront of Vigo: fishing port and urban development of the largest city in Galicia.


A dramatic city

Architecture tours in Santiago de Compostela.

Santiago de Compostela

This is why we are the way's end

SGAE headquarters in Vistalegre Gardens in Santiago de Compostela by Ensamble Studio. Architect Antón García Abril. Contemporary Architecture in Santiago, Galicia.

Santiago: beyond the city limits

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Ready-to-book Tours

Tours for private groups with fixed programme, lasting from some hours up to half day. Each tour offers an unique and deep insight into a city or area, presenting from a selection of the architectural highlights within their urban context to a theme based route. Have a look at our suggestions!


Custom and Thematic Tours

Tours for private groups developed specifically to meet your requirements, both thematically and logistically. Everything is possible: interior visits, lectures, special activities and meetings as well as all kinds of additional services and bookings. Just let us know your wishes! 

Know more

And more…

We participate and organize special architecture tours during certain periods of time, such as visits to ongoing construction sites. We are also working with other Guiding Architects members to offer Multi-city Tours. If you are interested in our new architecture tours and activities just let us know and we will happily inform you.

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